Our Holy Land Tour concluded last week, we arrived in Manila on March 24, having been gone for more than 2 weeks, since March 8. We covered 4 countries in all, Egypt, Israel and Jordan, with an extension in Dubai. It was a bittersweet trip for me, sweet that I got to witness the land of the Lord, which some people only dream about. And bitter because Sophie and I got ill for several days on that trip with Sophie losing a lot of weight because she didn’t eat for a week. 

Anyway, one of the highlights of the trip is our renewal of vows in Cana. There were 4 couples in our group, and just like the marriage in Cana of Galilee, we also had our wedding ceremony officiated by our priest, Fr. Jobert Villacorta. It was supposed to be done inside the Cana church, but our tour leader Ms. Rose wanted it done inside the cave below. Wow, it was the most perfect place! It was a small and beautiful cave perfect for the intimate ceremony. All of us couples wore white, and the ladies were given bouquet of roses. Two of the older ladies wore simple veils, while I had crown of artificial flowers, as well as Sophie’s, the flower girl. (I also dressed her in white)


our flower crowns

It was a real wedding, because we all have certificates from Cana church signed by Fr. Jobert. Roxy even sang a beautiful wedding song called “Ikaw”, as requested by Ms. Rose. After the ceremony, we were all congratulated by our groupmates! Tabs and I were very fortunate to experience this. It is once in a lifetime. It really felt just like my wedding day. ❤️ 

wedding at Cana with our flower girl

After we’re done, we even had to taste the wine sold in a souvenir shop outside. I didn’t pass on the opportunity to buy wines for us, and for my parents, since this would be the wine from Cana of Galilee, just like in the bible. What an unforgettable experience indeed.