My 6th visit in Singapore, and it never failed to amaze me still. Whenever I go out to neighboring countries I can’t help but compare ours. Since I drive, the first thing that I normally notice is the road. Sg’s road is flawless, of course, F1 grade. Public transportation is very efficient too. Their MRT, just like in Korea and HK (or maybe the rest of the world) are all interconnected, hopping from one line to another is very convenient. Cleanliness of the surroundings is also evident. Though maybe unlike what they used to say before, because now I don’t find it true enough while walking along Orchard Road, same as smoking. I could see people esp. foreigners, smoking while walking on Orchard. What I especially like about this country is their proficiency in English language, just like us. And also like ours, I especially hate their hot weather.
Our already late flight of 845pm became 1020pm no thanks to PAL. We reached Changi at around 2am, thinking of MBS’ free hourly shuttle. When I did not see any shuttle I immediately called the hotel and I was informed that their Shuttle Service schedule has changed and now operates from 6am to 11 pm. We had no choice but to ride 2 taxis, since we’re 5. Tabs and I’s taxi was a Mercedes Silvercab and I liked the driver’s driving. He was fast and polite, plus the smooth road got us in the hotel after just a few minutes.
This is my 3rd time staying in Marina Bay Sands. We prefer it this time with his family because its too.. prestigious. One could easily get the idea that staying here is only for the well-off, since Sg$750 a night is no joke. If you prefer a more private hotel then I don’t think Sands is the best for you. Just like Venetian Macau it can get really busy and crowded during the day, with people who are not in-house guests come and go freely at the ground and lobby area, as it is adjacent to the Shoppes and the Casino.
Since its already midnight, checking in was a breeze. We were assisted by 2 front desk staff, one staff was too bubbly when she learned we’re from PH, she couldn’t hide her excitement for her upcoming Boracay trip, checking us in while blabbering away. We were given 24th floor, and my companions were all complaining of the fast elevator, popping our ears fresh from a 3 hour flight. Wifi is available in every room, and is locked according to the guests’ name and room number. Deluxe room is still ok, but a little inferior to the Grand room I stayed in over the summer. There were only 2 double beds for the 3 of us, and Tabs and I fit ourselves into 1 of them. Went online for a bit and finally slept at 4am.
The sleep was too short, we got up at 8am for our breakfast at the Rise restaurant, located at the lobby area. I felt full just by looking at the numerous selection of foods, and I ended up only having breads and fruits, while Tabs was getting his money’s worth by grabbing every delicious looking food he laid his eyes on. There were several fellow Filipinos working there, who gave us good seats near the buffet table and provided superb service.
After breakfast we prepared to head off to Universal Studios. We wanted Tabs’ parents to try commuting here so we took the MRT. Bayfront station is located exactly at the Marina Bay Sands, and after topping up our Ez-Links we got on the train. Sg’s subway line is very convenient, and maps of the subway can be found almost everywhere. I only have the subway map as my guide when my family and I went on August. I can go anywhere just by looking at it, its very comprehensive.
If you’ve been to the same place several times it can get a bit boring and too familiar. Thats why this time in Universal Studios we only queued for its newest ride, Transformers The Ride. Tabs and I already rode this last summer but Roxy hasn’t yet. We queued for a whole 50 minutes, but it was worth the wait. It was a 3D ride full of thrill and action that got me dizzy after. Not recommended after having a meal. After our chicken rice lunch at the packed Jurassic Park food court, we headed to the Waterworld. Its one of my favorites, an action-packed show by stunt people, created from Kevin Costner’s Waterworld movie. Do not seat in front and middle if you don’t want to get wet. Sitting there means you’re game, as they literally shoot and dump pails of water at the audience. Waterworld is definitely a must see when dropping by USS.
It got too hot to handle so we exited the theme park and returned to MBS. I felt giddy as we were nearing Louis Vuitton, remembering the model that I would want to have next, hahaha^^.
It was indeed a happy day, we each held our paperbags of LVs as we took photos with the MBS as the background. Louis Vuitton + Marina Bay Sands = Great view.
We only rested for a bit before dinner, because Tabs wanted to look around for an iPhone 5. We were unlucky of course, and I think Tabs already kind of expected that stores ran out of stocks a long time ago. It was just sad that Apple sucks, they know this happens everytime they launch a new iPhone and they don’t seem to do anything about it everytime. They should make a gazillion stocks dammit.
We took our chicken rice (again) dinner at Rasapura Masters food court, it was really crowded and we ate at those high tables while standing. We planned to watch the Wonderfull lights show but it was cancelled for the Mooncake Festival outside. We were tired from lack of sleep and the USS trip, so we decided to go back to our rooms and called it a night.
We woke up early and had breakfast at Rise again. Our accommodation package, called “Rise and Shine” includes breakfast, and can be taken in any of the 3 restaurants: Rise, Sky on 57 at the 57th floor and a Chinese restaurant Jin Shan. Rise has the most selection of foods among the 3. A regular accommodation at MBS does not come with breakfast, unlike other hotels.
After breakfast we went up the Sky Park at the 57th floor for our Infinity Pool experience. Of course Tabs and I already experienced this, but it was first time for his family. Good thing it was still early and not yet crowded, we thoroughly enjoyed the pool which looked like it ended with the view from afar.
Check out time is 11am so after swimming we got ready for check out. We stored our luggages at the Luggage Counter then we headed to Orchard Rd this time. We took our lunch first at our favorite, Marché at Somerset, a Swiss restaurant. I discovered Rosti, a grated fried potato, goes best with sour cream and chicken cheese sausage on the side.
We went to the nearby H&M (yes!) for more shopping. Our flight back home is 8pm so we need to be at the airport at least 6pm. After going back to MBS and retrieving our luggages, we took the free coach shuttle back to the airport. This shuttle has a wifi, and the driver drove so slow it got us almost 30 mins getting to the airport. I even caught a nap and upon waking up we were not there yet. Normal travel time would be about 15mins to/from MBS/airport, maybe 10 for the likes of our previous taxi driver.
We planned on claiming the GST refund before checking in, but we were all already using the LVs so we were directed to the GST counter after check in. Items for refund outside were the ones to be checked in only. Nevertheless, there was no line inside and we were refunded in a flash. Total was almost Sg$500 and a budget again for more shopping^^. We bought branded sunglasses with our refunds, more clothes shopping, then it was time for the flight back home.
They say you go for a holiday for R&R, but whenever I go out of town/ country I feel more tired. I’m not complaining though. Coz it will be a waste if you go out and just spend the days lounging in your hotel room, right? I don’t know how many people is the same as I am, but for the numerous travels I had in and out of the country, it was always for pleasure and never for work. I’m the lucky one indeed. 😉