Whatever happened to the normal fan who just buy her idol’s albums and watch his TV dramas? I’ve certainly come a long way after finishing the drama that got me into him, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. Lee Seung Gi. I must admit I started liking him in that drama because he’s too adorable. He’s one friggin talented man. An all-around entertainer – singer, actor and host. I bought his current album that time, Shadow Repackaged, and eventually fell in love with his songs. But when I started watching 1N2D I swear there was no turning back. Since then I have wanted to come to Korea because of him, learn Hangeul because of him, appreciate Korean culture because of him. At one point I even wanted to become a Korean just like him. When it was announced that he was having a December concert in Seoul, I did everything in my power to come to that concert. And of course I did. I even learned a bit of Hangeul beforehand to prepare myself for a non-English speaking country. I was a bit scared going to a new country for the first time, since tabs would not be able to accompany me. So I tagged my sister along so I would not be walking the streets of Seoul alone. I could not fully express the happiness I felt when I laid first step at the airport. So this must be the same air Seunggi was breathing. ^^
The concert was daebak! Seeing Seunggi for the first time was exhilarating. I’ve only seen him on TV before. I took several pictures and videos, not understanding that it was prohibited. Too late when a security personnel warned me, I already had half of the concert on my memory card. It was kind of sneaky, but I was proud of it. I even completed his previous albums on that Seoul trip.
After his fifth album Tonight came out, a couple of months later his drama, King 2 Hearts was aired. When it ended I felt a bit sad, maybe because he was not always available on TV anymore, what with him quitting both of his popular variety shows, 1N2D and Strong Heart. His common activities became CF and magazine shoots, fansignings and his concert in Japan. His more recent activity was becoming a torchbearer in the London Olympics.
And so one could not fully imagine how thrilled I was when news about his Singapore fanmeet broke out. And what was totally shocking was how it fell on the same date as my family trip. He held a press conference a day before his fanmeet which I was also able to witness. Watching Seunggi so close is unbelievable. He looked lovelier. His face too small and his smile too charming. He was a great conversationalist, as always. He tried his best speaking in English and it was so impressive for a Korean. He’s just too perfect. Too good to be true.
The fanmeeting itself was unforgettable, too. He interacted actively with us and sang 8 songs. We had very good seats, but too bad taking photos was not allowed. There was a group picture-taking with Seunggi for every group of 30s, and Ate was so lucky to have touched his hand! I was contented seeing his beautiful face up close, such a mystery that a creature like him existed. It was a breathtaking experience.
Last year, I was keen on going to his concert because I thought maybe it would be the last time I would get too involved with an artist, and I really wanted to experience something like it, thinking maybe I would get too old and tired this year. But it was just announced that he will hold another one again on December, and after that SG fanmeet I’m not sure if I could still hold back. I’m trying my best to become a normal fan as I could. But god I think I’m going to lose it, that I’d be one heck of a crazy fan. I must go to this concert, and fulfill my duty as a true and supportive fan. I never would have thought that I still have the energy to fangirl at my age. It was still Moffatts when I had this kind of energy, some 14 years ago. ^^
My life now is never complete without my daily fix of Seunggi. Listening to his music, looking at his photos and constantly updating myself news about him. He’s too inspiring, he has accomplished so much at such a young age. Maybe that’s why he has a lot of ahjumma fans and even fanboys, too. I maybe selfish saying this, but I hope he doesn’t marry, or serve in the military just yet. I’m still enjoying him right now, and I know many others still are.  When the time comes I hope he marries a girl that he deserves, and like a true fan, I hope I would still be able to support him and give my love.