Life is indeed short and unpredictable. I can’t believe that Med, my Ate’s best friend, is at her deathbed right now. She had a preterm birth via CS a few days ago. Something must have gone wrong with her surgery, as she was re-opened for another one and had a cardiac arrest in the process. She was in coma for 3 days and was declared brain dead just this morning. Her family and friends, are still in the state of denial.

I was so affected by her ordeal, because one, apart from being my sister’s best friend, somehow she has become a family friend. Her daughter Mishka, was a flower girl in my wedding. We also went to a run together. The last I saw her was in Sophie’s 2nd birthday. She even greeted me personally in viber last christmas and new year.

And two, because she’s going through what I fear the most – death in childbirth. I never told anyone, but this is the main reason I delayed having a child for such a long time. I’m so scared to die while giving birth. Its such a heartbreaking way to die.

Med, I’m thinking of you. We may not understand God’s plan for you, but if you are to leave, I hope you’re at peace.

**Med has passed the night of Feb 6. Her baby boy is well and ready for discharge. Rest in peace Med. You’re home now.